Automatically cancel trial subscriptions on your credit card?

Anyone have any ideas around how we might create a tool using the programmable cards to automatically cancel trial subscriptions?

Just found a few things I tried out and forgot to cancel :scream:

I think this would make me test more services out. I currently use my calendar to track trial software and remind myself when to cancel.

Think you could solve this in a few ways. The simplest would probably just be to create a unique virtual card for each subscription.

Alternatively you could block the merchant the moment you subscribe. Not sure how you get the merchant information before there is a transaction though?

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Welcome to the community Philip, thanks for making your first post!

Very interesting that you use your calendar to track.

A virtual card would be ideal. Think that is still 6 months to a year out though.

I thought it would be easy to block the merchant but you’re quite right that it’s not really possible to know without a transaction.

The only solution I can think of for now would be to order a second physical card.

+1 on the virtual card idea

I currently use for exactly this. They allow you to create a unique virtual card per merchant and set limits on those (both total per card and per time period).

I’d be surprised if the services that you sign up to don’t do some form of test on the card number you provide. Does that trigger the card auth hooks at all so you could extract the merchant code?

Otherwise it seems like you’d have to do a crude text-based match on the merchant name :face_vomiting:

I checked and don’t actually support this use case exactly. They let you lock a card to a merchant but this just means that when it is used for the first time then it can only be used by the same merchant after that.

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