Calibrating range issues with moisture sensors

OP by Renaldo from Community Slack:

Renaldo Meere

Hi Ben.Based on our last session where 2 people had range issues with their moisture sensors I decided to code a calibration program this afternoon. Basically you tell it to go into a record state, dip the probe in a glass of water once or twice and it tells you what the range of your setup is. I also convert the value to a dryness percentage based on this.I think the program is useful enough to have as part of the main repo and I also think it would be easier to work against if we swopped the moisture readings as a percentage instead of a fixed value (and this calibration tool gives you the info to do that).My question is: how do you want me to submit these changes? Do I pull the repo and do a PR or would you prefer to just link to my personal GitHub?A sample of what the program outputs:



5:41 PM

you can see me testing in the last bit by dropping the probe in a glass of water and removing it a few times

5:42 PM

Ben Blaine

this is awesome

5:43 PM

may I copy this chat into #project-arduino-plant ? Prefer to discuss things there so community has vis

5:58 PM

Renaldo Meere

ye sure, no worries

@Renaldo Meere to answer your question, let’s add it to the main repo :grin: You’re welcome to publish the project on your personal repo and share it in GitHub - OfferZen-Make/plant_tech_ams: Plants, Arduino boards, moisture sensors and watering systems

You can also upload it to one of the folder on the repo.

A reference to it in the moisture sensor section could also be cool.