Definitions of the date fields on the transactions API

Hey hey everyone!

I’m curious, is there any information for the distinction/meaning between the different dates in the transactions response from the API.

 "postingDate": "2020-06-11",
 "valueDate": "2020-06-10",
 "actionDate": "2020-06-18",
 "transactionDate": "2020-06-10",

These seem to be relatively common accounting terms, but would like to make sure we have some documentation about the rules/meanings of these dates.


  • Still clarifying what actionDate is - suspect it may be for non-card tx’s. Will follow up.

  • I’m sorry this reply took so long sorry :neutral_face:

Action date is the date you performed the action of calling the API.

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LOL thanks Lionel! There’s a small army of people at the bank trying to figure this out :slight_smile: