Handling moisture sensor corrosion

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Below’s how my soil moisture sensor looks after 6 days continuously operating, quite corroded. I now switched to the method @Sam Freriks suggested here. I guess that it makes sense to use a digital pin (D1) to switch on the current/voltage to the sensor only while taking a measurement. Every 5 minutes or even longer intervals should be totally fine.

/reply from Sam Freriks
Woah corrosion goes fast! The method should slow it down quite a bit :smiley: nice idea to put a heat shrink around the connector btw!

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Ben Blaine 3 days ago

checking this out as a non-corroding alternative moisture sensor https://www.robotics.org.za/CAP-SW-12

Ries 1 day ago

On the corrosion, I take a measurement every one hour for less then 75ish millisecond. And only in that period of time I turn on the probe, I can just see a very short flash on the probe. Somfar after a week no significant corrosion.

Ries 1 day ago

I am wondering if just with the esp we can make a capacitive version reliable, it just properly just a matter of measuring rise time after voltage is applied, properly need some series resistor of 100…500k… not sure what the average inductance is of the probe.

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Sam Freriks 17 hours ago

You can use a digital pin for the voltage needed instead of the 3v pin, and only enable when needed plant_tech_ams/README.md at master · OfferZen-Make/plant_tech_ams · GitHub