๐Ÿš€ New feature: Transaction type filter on the Open API


Question for the Investec Teamโ€ฆ

Can we get these filters on the transaction statement exposed on the Open API?

Hi Ben, this is not currently supported, but we are working on it. Weโ€™ll keep the community updated on our progress.

Just to clarify

  • There are 3 filters now: start date, end date, transaction type
  • If no transaction type is defined, you get all transactions
  • If you specify a date range, it will return that date range
  • If you donโ€™t specify a date range it defaults to 30 days prior to today for the start date and today as the end date

Hi, this request has been implemented and released into prod. You will notice an additional transactionType field in the response payload. NOTE: Not all transactions will have a specified transactionType, only where relevant. In addition, you will be able to filter transactions by transactionType with the inclusion of a query string parameter, for example: