WhatsApp vs Telegram for chatbots

Anyone know the pros and cons of setting up WhatsApp vs Telegram bots?

Telegram seems much easier than WhatsApp…

The biggest con regarding Whatsapp is that msgs cost you money and on top of that the business partner through which you integrate (such as Twillio) also charges you.

It is also still in beta with Twillio so there are certain functionality missing. For example you can’t receive multiple contact cards (vcard’s) through Twillio. Which limited me on the Grub Splitter app.

Other than the above, integrating with it is actually quite easy. Twillio also provides other nice features similar to Dialogflow which allows you to build nice bots.

Although, If I had to redo that Grub Splitter app I would use Telegram instead.

Thanks Christo, this is very helpful and insightful.

On a side note I’ve ordered a Community credit card that we can all use to cover costs of experimenting with services like this :slight_smile: will let you know how it goes!

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